Aprendizaje del inglés asistido por ordenador

Aprendizaje del inglés asistido por ordenador

This is the weblog page for CA[e]LL, Computer Assited English Language Learning, a subject within the Postgraduatre course in LENGUA Y LINGÜÍSTICA INGLESAS: APLICACIONES ACADÉMICAS Y PROFESIONALES.

This academic year we will use Teaching & Researching Computer-Assisted Language Learning by Ken Beatty as resource textbook.

Teaching and researching CALL

During the lessons I’ll be providing more info on how to put it to good use.

You can find the official details of the subject here.

Lessons / work schedule

Academic Year 2008-2009

To be announced

Academic Year 2007-2008

I Introducing CALL (Oct. 17 + 18)

1. The emergence of CALL
2. A brief history of CALL
3. Hypertext, hypermedia and multimedia


4. Eight CALL applications

III. SLA and FLT (Nov. 14 + 15)

5. Second-language Acquisition and models of instruction

8. Theoretical and pedagogical concerns

IV. Collaboration (Nov. 28 + 29)

6. Collaboration and negotiation of meaning

V. CALL Models (Nov. 28 + 29)

7. Defining a model of CALL


9. Current research interests


Web sites

Eurocall 2008

Resources post

Click here

Programa oficial

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Our Moodle platform


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