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The European High Level Conference on “Education in the Digital Era”, organised by the European Commission in close cooperation with the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will be taking place on December 11th in Brussels. The event will enable interested stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges of adapting education to a fast changing, digital society and economy, whilst shaping education’s place and priority in the EU’s sustainable growth agenda.

The conference is expected to be a flipped interactive debate. The main positions and inputs of the different participants in the panels will be available to the audience ahead of the event through the event website. This will allow the audience to start the discussion and engage with the addressed issues ahead of the conference itself, allowing more space for a dynamic debate during the actual panel discussions.

Join Ministers of Education, senior decision makers, educational practitioners and educational technology leaders online from day one to debate the following key themes:

Increasing the quality and relevance of learning (access an interesting collection of materials around this topic here)
Increasing the impact of educators (access an interesting collection of materials around this topic here)
Addressing inequalities through better access and lower cost (access an interesting collection of materials around this topic here)
You will also be able to follow the debate on Twitter through @OpenEduEU and the hashtag #EdDigEra.

On the day of the physical conference there will be three panels addressing the three key areas discussed during the online debate. For each of these panels there will be one impulse statement by an international expert, followed by comments and discussion from a discussion panel. In a fourth panel several European Ministers of Education will discuss the events of the day and their potential policy conclusions. Click here to see the draft agenda.

If you are interested in attending the event itself we encourage you to register your interest well in advance, as only limited places are available for this high-level, but participative event.

Alongside the debate, participants will also be able to visit and experience a replica of European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab, a glimpse at some of the most recent developments in learning technologies. During the lunch break, the award ceremony of the Open Education Challenge will take place. The winners show the potential of entrepreneurship and innovation in education.

CALICO 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE  Call for Proposals

Open, Online, Massive: The Future of Language Learning?

Hosted by Ohio University

Athens, Ohio
May 6-10


My 2011 AESLA keynote rountable presentationAesla 2011 getting_things_done_pascual_pérez-paredes

I will have the honor to take part in the Keynote Roundtable of the AESLA 2011 conference whose topic is Corpus Linguistics for 21st Century Language Learning.

Table members include:

Tony Berber Sardinha (Pontifícia Católica Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil)
Mick O’Donnell (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España)
Anna Mauranen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Lourdes Ortega (University of Hawai’i at Manoa, US)
Giovanni Parodi (Pontificia Católica Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile)
Pascual Pérez Paredes (Universidad de Murcia, España)
Ute Römer (University of Michigan, US)
Mike Scott (Aston University, UK)

International Symposium: New Insights into the Study of Conversation. Applications to the Language Classroom.


Interesting conferences

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Abstract submission deadline: OCT 31, 2009

AESLA 2010, Universidad de Vigo
Proposal submission deadline: November 20, 2009

31st ICAME conference: Corpus Linguistics and Variation in English.

Giessen, Germany, from 26th-30th May 2010
Abstract submission deadline: DEC 1, 009