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Kohn, K. (2012). Pedagogic Corpora for Content and Language Integrated Learning. Insights from the BACKBONE Project. The EUROCALL Review, 20, 2. 1-22.

The TEI Boilerplate is a lightweight solution for publishing styled TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) P5 content directly in modern browsers. With TEI Boilerplate, TEI XML files can be served directly to the web without server-side processing or translation to HTML. Our TEI Boilerplate Demo illustrates many TEI features rendered by TEI Boilerplate.

Our SACODEYL and BACKBONE Annotators are TEI compliant, and the whole team are excited at the idea to try this online.

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Remembering the basics: where we come from.

(1) We want our corpora to be searchable:

Transcription: the SACODEYL way

Annotation: the SACODEYL heritage

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Corpora for Content & Language Integrated Learning [BACKBONE]

Backbone, a European Lifelong Learning project (Transversal Programme, Languages), is coordinated by the Chair of Applied English Linguistics at the University of Tübingen and involves 8 partners from 7 European countries: France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Turkey and UK.

The project addresses language learning needs with regard to pedagogically neglected languages including lesser taught languages, regional & socio-cultural varieties of more frequently taught languages, and non-native speaker varieties of lingua franca languages. It proposes a pedagogically motivated corpus approach that enables teachers to collect and pedagogically exploit spoken discourse resources. Based on the communicative principles of learner and teacher autonomy, authenticated learning and collaboration, the Backbone approach combines corpus resources for linguistically and thematically specialised CLIL purposes with e-learning-enhanced language practice and communicative interaction in blended language learning courses.

Backbone develops pedagogically motivated tools for corpus management, annotation, enrichment and search. 7 language subcorpora of interviews, presentations and conversations are compiled and enriched with learning materials: Polish and Turkish, regional & socio-cultural varieties of German, French, Spanish and English as well as European varieties of English as a lingua franca. Pedagogic piloting is carried out in CLIL settings in secondary, higher and vocational education.

Based on the Minerva project SACODEYL, Backbone will develop pedagogic corpus tools including distributed XML file management, multi-tier annotation, pedagogic enrichment and a web-based pedagogic search interface. 7 corpora of interviews, presentations and conversations representing pedagogically neglected languages and varieties will be compiled: Polish and Turkish, regional & socio-cultural varieties of German, French, Spanish and English as well as European varieties of English as a lingua franca. Themes and subjects will be determined through a needs analysis of language teaching settings in secondary, higher and vocational education. The corpora will be pedagogically enriched with learning materials and piloted in 24 language courses of different CLIL orientation.
To ensure validation, a final European dissemination workshop will be combined with a online exploitation service and exploitation events in 6 countries.