Getting your message across: useful language for meetings

Posted: January 30, 2015 in English Language


Be prepared to ask for clarification if necessary. Use phrases such as:

“Would you mind clarifying this point?”
“Sorry, but could you outline the main points again?”
“I’m not sure I understood your point about…”
“Sorry, could you repeat that please?”

You can also ask the chair to summarise the discussion or provide more information:

“Can you summarise the main points for me please?”
“Can you go into further detail on this please?”
“I’m not sure if I’ve fully understood the main points here…”

Learn how to handle interruptions. One of the most effective ways to interrupt someone is to maintain eye contact with them. Wait until there’s a natural pause and then come in with a phrase that shows you have something to say:

“Can I say something here?”
“I’d like to make a point.”
“Can I come in here?”
“Could I interrupt you for a moment?”
“May I just add something here?”
“Do you mind if I just come in here?”
“While we’re on the subject, I’d like to say…”

But if you want to prevent someone from interrupting you, you use a phrase like:

“Actually, if you could just let me finish…”
“Just let me finish, if you wouldn’t mind…”
“Actually, I’ve nearly finished…”



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