A Global Social Age

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Subjects at UMU

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

I ran a big workshop yesterday with a Thai company on ‘Exploring the World of Social Learning‘. I think it went well: we covered the ‘foundations of the Social Age‘, looked at the impacts of ‘social collaborative technology‘ and then ‘scaffolded Social Learning‘. I started with an exercise on culture, that explored the difference between knowledge and meaning (i define the Social Age partly as a time when knowledge is no longer enough, we must strive to find the meaning, within and alongside our communities).

'Hello' in Thai I used this graphic to start the session: exploring how easy it is to find knowledge, but context and meaning are harder to discern without the aid of our communities

In Thailand, the ‘Wai‘ is a short bow, hands raised as if in prayer, used to greet and show respect. As a foreigner, it’s…

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