Stylometry and Authorship Attribution

Posted: May 25, 2012 in corpus linguistics

Special-themed issue on “Stylometry and Authorship Attribution” in the journal English Studies , edited by Javier Calle-Martín and Antonio Miranda-García.


– Calle-Martín, Javier and Antonio Miranda García (University of Málaga).
“Stylometry and Authorship Attribution: Introduction to the Special Issue”.

– Rudman, Joseph (Carnegie Mellon University, USA).
“The State of Non-traditional Authorship Attribution Studies – 2012: Some Problems and Solutions”.

– Juola, Patrick (Duquesne University, USA).
“Large-scale Experiments in Authorship Attribution”.

– Koppel, Moshe, Jonathan Schler, Shlomo Argamon and Yaron Winter (Bar Ilan University, Israel and Illinois Institute of Tecnology, USA). “The Fundamental Problem of Authorship Attribution”.

– Burrows, John and Hugh Craig (University of Newcastle, Australia).”Authors and Characters”.

– Holmes, David I. and Elizabeth D. Johnson (The College of New Jersey , USA and Wilkes University, USA)
“A Stylometric Foray into the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879”.

– Hoover, David L. (New York University, USA). “The Tutor’s Story: A Case Study of Mixed Authorship”.

– Kestemont, Mike, Kim Luyckx, Walter Daelemans and Thomas Crombez (University of Antwerp, Belgium).
“Cross-genre Authorship Verification Using Unmasking”.

– Hirst, Graeme and Vanessa Wei Feng (University of Toronto, Canada). “Changes in Style in Authors with Alzheimer’s Disease”.

– Miranda-García, Antonio and Javier Calle-Martin (University of Málaga, Spain). “The Authorship of the Disputed Federalist Papers with an Annotated Corpus”.


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